Newborn grunting and straining


Newborn grunting and straining…..

So no one ever told me that my daughter would wake up screaming from her keep and baring down as if she is constipated. The scream is heart breaking. She would continue to push and push, but she wasn’t constipated. Her stool was always the yellow liquid poop that it should be when your breastfeeding. I had to do some research and talk to her pediatrician. The reason that she grunts, strains, and screams in her sleep is because her digestive system is still developing. She doesn’t know how to push and relax her anal muscles yet, hence the pushing.

My remedies:

Colic Calm- I use it maybe once a day and it helps to comfort her stomach on really bad days

Chamomile tea- I drink this several times a day because it passes through my breast milk and helps calm her

Knees to chest and hip rotations- I rotate her knees and hips to get the gas moving and poop coming down.

Infant massage- Her absolute favorite!! I rub her feet, legs and focus on her tummy in wide circles! Then resting my hand across her tummy, she nods right off.

Side note: If your going to breastfeed, be mindful of everything you eat and please drink plenty of water.


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