Must Have Baby Item #1

The first must have item that I need to discuss is an aspirator.

You should have 3 of these if possible. If you have two floors in your house, one on each floor. Especially on your night stand or theirs, and in the baby bag. Whether consider a newborn, infant, or baby, they vomit and you may see some coming from their noses. They will scream bloody murder, so please have the aspirator and don’t panic. You simply squeeze it before placing it in the nostril and once inside, release. It will pull the excess mucus or vomit. They hate this too, so be prepared. Just remember that it is quite important. The first time I needed it was in the hospital. I woke up and she had vomit in her nose and mouth. She couldn’t even cry, I was just lucky enough to wake up. It was scary because she was on her back twitching since she couldn’t breathe. I grabbed the aspirator (right next to me), grabbed her, hunched her slightly, cleared her airway, then aspirated her nose. Having to look for it would have been time sensitive. Not having one would have been scary. In the mist of a thousand cute unnecessary baby shower items on your registry, don’t forget this. Someone informed me, so I’m informing you 🙂
~Tarah D~


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