Nice to have baby item #1

Wipe Warmer: Although I feel as if mine is a strong necessity, it is a “nice to have”!


It’s a necessity to me simply because my daughter really screams if anything cold hits her. Middle of the night diaper changes are already tedious and annoying to her (and us), so the warm wipes make it a whole lot easier to keep her calm and quickly back to sleep.
~Tarah D~


2 thoughts on “Nice to have baby item #1

  1. Oddly enough this is a post I have yet to write (5 things I Wouldn’t Advise Buying) so it must depend on the child. We have a wipe warmer and haven’t used it at all, our son doesn’t seem to care one bit if the wipes are a bit chilly or not. Looks like it is child specific!

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