The first question that people always ask me when they find out that I’m breastfeeding…… ” Does it hurt”???


The simple answer is YES!! Only in the beginning. Remember that for first time moms, your body is doing something that it has never done before. Making milk and feeding another human is a tiring and somewhat young job. You must watch what you eat, drink and remain calm for a great feed. Yes, your nipples could crack, bleed, and become engorged, and you could clot. You will wake up one morning with rock hard breast up under your chin!! There will e days when you reach for the formula because you think you just can’t do it anymore! Those are the negatives and quite normal. Positives…. The bonding, free milk, better nutrients, and stronger immune system. The first two weeks are hard because you go from colostrum for the first three days, to full on milk. Although there is only a small amount of thick colostrum, it is extremely important for the baby. The feelings at that time are quite frequent, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


A month later and I have a great routine. At such a young age, it is best to let the baby tell you when they are hungry, but I never let her sleep longer then 4 hours before eating. She sleeps very well at night so I guess I’m lucky. She honestly tells me what she needs. I love love breastfeeding because I feel really close to her. Knowing that I can give her what no one else can. Just Mommy 🙂 It’s a personal opinion, everyone should do what’s most comfortable for them. I support anyway that a parent can feed their child, that’s the important part.

Sn: The painful, rock hard breast go away after a few days! They become soft and normal, but they will start to harden when your baby cries and starts to wake up for a feeding.



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