Newborn Schedule (are you laughing already??)

Newborn Schedule (are you laughing already??)

Some people say that newborns do not have set schedules. Ha!!! Someone forgot to inform my newborn. We sat with done friends of ours last evening and normally by 9, my 5 week old daughter is cleaned up with her jammies on and ready for bed. By 10, we completely shut it down. She usually naps from 7-830 (cat nap). Well last night, just as my husband told them that she didn’t have a set schedule, she showed him otherwise.


Well she was put down at 11 instead of 10pm. She cried until right before her next feeding time which was 2am. She would fall asleep for 5 minutes and wake back up. It was constant tug of war with bedtime.
Notes to self:
-Babies are smarter then us, they know their own schedules very well. They teach you what you need to know.
-Overstimulation can be caused by little things such as adult conversation.
-Last but not least, baby girl is neatly snuggled in by 10pm. Hopefully 830 in the coming weeks.
I guess I’m pretty lucky, she only wakes up to eat at 2:30am and then 6:30am. That makes me a happy mom, especially since she goes right back to sleep!
{Tarah D}


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