As a Parent… (Trayvon Martin)

I have to be honest. I avoided this topic for a number of days. In fact, I almost did not write it because of its unnerving nature. I am writing this blog post as a parent. Not as an African American, Caucasian or Latino person. The story of 17 year old Trayvon Martin shook me to my soul simply because I am a mother. As a parent, the childs race should not be a factor when speaking of innocence and murder. As a parent you try your best in life to provide for your children, teach them right from wrong and protect them. When you can no longer do that, you feel like a failure or something close to it. As I type, I am close to tears because my daughter is laying next to me and Trayvons parents will never hold him again. I am able to wipe her tears away, hug her when she cries, and smile when she grins. This little person that you would do anything for, including moving heaven and earth. I am the first person she sees when her eyes open in the morning. Someone taking that way is simply earth shattering. If nothing else has ever rattled your chain, this story should. Burying a child can not be easy, but it has been done. Just take a moment to appreciate and understand the strength behind the death of this young man and let it not be in vain. You do not have to “like” this post, but I really hope that you will, I hope that you will hit the share button and spread the word. This is not only a wake up call for parents and Black America, it is a wake up call for all people.

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin


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