My must have- Itz Been Timer

This item has saved my bad memory so many times!! The Itzbeen Babycare timer!!!


Imagine this… You baby is crying, dinner is cooking, she has a dirty diaper, there is a load in the dryer and washer, and it’s feeding time. So you do all the things necessary to make baby happy and attend to your matters. When the smoke clears and the baby is napping, you may not know how long she has been asleep and that matters because it’s close to bedtime. Not to mention, you have no idea when you changed her diaper last and are reluctant to wake her unless its necessary.You are also breastfeeding and can’t remember which breast you fed off last! Well… The Itzbeen timer does all of that! Last diaper change, feeding, nap, even medication if needed, and which breast you last fed off. It’s not a must have for others, but it’s nice to have if you can spare it! My memory can get overloaded and it’s helpful to daddy if mom runs out and forgets to tell him the info or vice versa! Enjoy!!!


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