Prior to my daughters birth, I can truly say that I enjoyed my life. I was still considered a newlywed and my husband is my bestfriend. We are able to talk about any and everything, which is what makes him my favorite person. I did not think that anything was missing, until Feb 16th. When I first my daughter cry upon her entrance into the world, tears streamed down my face. I was completely overwhelmed with joy.
Now as I watch her sleeping I am in awe at how much love you can really have for one little person. She is absolutely amazing. I don’t remember life before motherhood. When your child is born, you instantly jump into parent mode and things fall in place. It is very scary the first few days, but then you become a pro (an amateur one)! Things start to make more sense and you and your spouse or significant other may have your first disagreement about your child in the hospital before discharge. Mainly because your both scared, but you both think that you know more then you do. But do not fret and rest assure that it gets easier and the two of will mesh well and do what is best for your little bundle.
Enjoy each day and every moment!!


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