Post baby Body Movement


The biggest concern for most mothers that I know, is the weight-loss after baby. How many of us count the 6 weeks down until the doctor says those glorious words “you are free to return to exercise”!! I was ecstatic! When you are breastfeeding you may still get cravings and you have to maintain food habits and no dieting. So there goes carb cutting and instantly deleting whole food groups. No crazy crash diets or drinking lemonade and cayenne pepper everyday (would never try anyway). So what is next???? A great workout routine. I have established the perfect routine for me to whip myself back into shape without dieting. In fact I am an avid snacker, so I added foods 😉
My only goal is to tone up what I have.
I love post baby bodies because giving birth gives what I call the “grown woman body”. Funny right?? It seems as if no matter how old you are, your body becomes grown after the first child. Well at least mine did, I gained close to 40ibs. So I put myself on a 5 week challenge just to see how well I can do without doing a crazy celebrity diet and to give myself extra motivation with a timeline. I will keep you posted! If you are a mom and want to a do the challenge as well, climb on board!!



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