Low breastmilk supply

Well let’s just say that they do not remember to tell you about this in your feeding classes. So my daughter is 2 months old ( time flys right??) and she is exclusively breastfed. She eats a lot, a whole lot… She empties both breast and needs a pumped bottle at night. So my supply got really and I was not producing the I needed to. So I called my cousin and did some online research. They both said to pump frequently, basically every 2 hours and to try Mothers Milk tea. Well I wanted to have a backup just in case, so I kept looking and I stumble across This website as a tea that assist with breastfeeding as well. I ordered it, but while I wait for it I will keep up the pumping. so I made a huge pitcher of Mothers Milk tea by boiling a gallon of water and using 7 tea bags and adding about 10 tbsp of raw sugar. I put it in the fridge yesterday afternoon and drink cups of it through the day and night. Guess what……. I over produced!! So excited, I was able to pump bottles and feed her through the night. She was happy and so was I!


Remember to stay hydrated, eat well, pump frequently, and drink the tea if necessary (get doctors permission first).


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