Intimacy After Baby

Intimacy After Baby


Although you rejoice every time you think about precious bundle of joy or toddler of happiness, you light up like a Christmas tree. Just as many other parents do as well. However, when was the last time you spontaneously made out like teenagers late for curfew?? That’s what happens when you have children. Many times intimacy takes a back seat to parenthood. Before these days there was the kitchen, living room, bathroom, front door, etc… Don’t get me wrong, after a long work day or a long stay at home day, your tired. For the record, a stay at home parent is working a full time and a half job. There is no clocking out, lol! Feedings, changings, baths, playtime, and all of those things are on repeat, the last thing you may think or expect is intimacy. Please know that it is very important to have those moments together. Parenting is a busy life, but spicy intimacy is necessary for a healthy balance. Here are a few tips to get you some……. Well you know what I mean 🙂

– If you have guest room, (not the child’s room), make it your hotel room during a baby nap time or bedtime. I say a guest room because many parents have baby or children cosleepers or share the room. That guest room will become your favorite room in the house. Make it fun, send a sexy text invite, a love letter on the nightstand, a mirror message to be received when it steams up.

– Try an item on the doorknob for children at walking and entering age. I had a professor tell me that he and his wife would put two little monkeys on the doorknob for when their three children would come to the door. If they saw the monkeys on the doorknob, they didn’t knock or enter because monkey business was going on. He said they come to door, see the monkeys and run off laughing! The kids are grown now and still find it funny. Try it, it will give you some personal time.

– Try playdates with friends or family to have a chance for some alone time.

– Hire a babysitter for date nights. Even if it’s only 3 times a month, you need it!

Although your a parent your still a person with needs and in a relationship that requires maintenance. Intimacy is not all about sex, the need for interaction from another adult leads to great stimulation! Begin the morning with consistent touching and a soft kiss or two, it will make for a better day! Happy loving!!


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