Breastfeeding Q and A

Breastfeeding Q and A

So I recently read an article in the Time magazine about Jamie Lynne Grumet, who is the cover story. She breastfeeds her 3 almost 4 year old son off her breast to induce or continue bonding. It is called attachment parenting. Dr Sears discusses this alot, along with baby carrying in a sling, and co-sleeping. As a breastfeeding mom, I am curious to hear the thought of others on this topic. Grumet feels that children should wean themselves at their own pace. Do you think that a child should wean them self off the breast? Do you think she should pump versus feeding a toddler off her breast? Do you think it will have lasting psychological effects? She says that her mom breastfed her from the breast until she was 6 years old and she remembers. Is it different for a young boy?? Please join this conversation with respect for others opinions, great opinions give great insight. Does anyone have first hand experience with breastfeeding a toddler? Co-sleeping or sling wearing? Looking forward to the comments!



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