Whew!!!!!!!!! So I have been missing in action for about a month and a half, that’s what happens in early parenthood. You try to sit down ad watch the Soaps or read “Fifty Shade of Grey” but you still have to make baby food, cook dinner, wash two loads, put one away, change sheets, bathe the baby, feed the baby, find time to pump (if your breastfeeding), and remember to eat and shower!! Remembering yourself in this equation sounds easy, but trust me, it’s not! I recently visited with my in-laws and every night by730, I had to leave to tend to Brooklyn’s nighttime ritual. I like to keep her schedule. So needless to say, I was lonely after she went to bed. I feel so old now because I go to bed when she does. And I’m actually sleepy, lol! My husband and in laws had a great time, which was wonderful because they don’t see each often. For me, it was a very, very busy weekend, but the highlight was seeing them. Luckily, I had more hands to help hold, feed or change her.

Anyway, this post is about postpartum or something like it. Many women hide their personal thoughts, with the belief that people will think they are crazy. I never felt like I wanted to hurt myself or the baby, nor did I have any regrets. I did however feel overwhelmed. One day I remember just being full of tears. Postpartum includes anxiety, tearfulness, restlessness and mood changes, but everything you go through is not postpartum. At this stage, she is 23 weeks. Honestly, I have headaches, dehydration, sleepless nights, back pains, and overall fatigue. All these things don’t make me anything but a mother. Can you relate?? The fact is that I breastfeed which takes every ounce of me. If I do not sleep, eat, drink water, and monitor my overall wellbeing, I will not produce milk! On the days that I don’t produce as much as I need to, I almost panic and feel bad. Thankfully, I have plenty of remedies that are wonderful and work. No one said parenting was easy, but that beautiful toothless smile that greets me each day, makes it especially worth it!


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