Ok, if I eat one more bowl of oatmeal, take one more fenugreek, or drink one more cup of Mothers Milk or Breastea tea, I’m going to scream!!!!! Anyone else thinking the same thing? Ahhh, but i wouldn’t change a thing! People often give parenting advice, but leave out some key points. On a more serious note, the things that I just listed, really help increase my milk flow. When Brooklyn was 4 1/2 months, my supply got so low that I had formula on the kitchen counter with a sad look on my face. I felt terrible that my milk was lacking, but I was not going to not feed my child. However, I decided that I would feed her the stored milk and power pump, eat oatmeal, drink the tea and take fenugreek until I ran out of milk. To my surprise, it worked and I was back on track 🙂 some times the right side lags, but the left side keeps up. Another thing, these sweet cravings are absolutely incredibly crazy!! I have never been a big sweet eater, but breastfeeding has changed me!
*Inspiration: just because it may be low, doesn’t mean it’s gone. And if you must use formula, it’s ok, your child’s proper nourishment is most important!


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