Having it all??

Having it all??

You know the terms “superwoman, supermom, stay at mom, and career mom? ” what do those mean to you? Truth is they are all very hard roles because most moms whether at a job or stay at home, are superwoman. Can we really have it all? Being a parent can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it gets better. Let’s consider this, you have a career, husband or mate, a household and now a baby. (This can apply to the guys as well that are stay at home dads). How do you balance it all evenly? Trying to give everything your all can be really taxing on you both mentally and physically. I’m a stay at home mom of a 6 month old, a wife, a student, and starting a company. I tend to forget to eat, drink or even take care of myself some days. I’m doing everything for everyone and then I’m super tired by 10pm. I have a fantastic grasps now. How do you juggle your daily routine??


One thought on “Having it all??

  1. You have to prioritize as best you can. Some days playing with the kids takes precidense over clean, but other I have to clean or go crazy. It is not easy. Sometimes being a super mom means taking a few minutes to recuperate before mommy looses it and can’t function properly.

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