Mutu Mama!!

Mutu Mama!!


Hi guys and gals! I’ve started the Mutu system this week and I’m so excited! It’s a post baby body makeover. I started my breathing this week and doing my measurements today (not excited about that part). I will keep you all updated and you can ask any questions about this journey as I make it. Wish me luck!!

Wendy’s definitive, groundbreaking online program that hundreds of women worldwide are raving about!

This 12 week course, delivered via online video & PDF over 12 weeks gives you the 15 minute home workouts, the food rules that will keep you & your whole family lean & healthy & full of energy, the specific abdominal exercises that will tone your stomach, pelvic floor & lower back muscles to give you a strong core & great posture, as well as the yoga breathing & relaxation techniques every mom needs!

Mutu system explained:
This unique program is loved by MuTu Mamas all over the world as the solution that finally fitted in with their lives, not the other way around! Made for real women with crazy, real lives & many, many demands on their time & emotional energy. Women who want to feel confident, strong & gorgeous, as well as ‘being Mom’… & who’d like a flatter tummy!

Suitable for c-section or natural delivery recovery, for breast-feeding / nursing moms & regardless of how long ago you had your baby! Specific guidelines for new moms 0-6 weeks, 6-20 weeks & 20 weeks (or months or years ) plus!

It is the definitive, proven, step by step MuTu System 12-week online video coaching program: a unique & COMPLETE solution, combining very specific core & pelvic floor restoration & pelvic alignment for a strong stable, pain-free, leak-free core, with the very latest fat burning Metabolic Resistance Training workout techniques, plus how to choose & prepare the right foods (that your whole family will eat!) alongside motivational & confidence boosting strategies…
…All designed very specifically for women who have had babies & who lead hectic lives.

Everything You Need To Get Your Post-Baby Body Looking & Feeling The Way You Want It To!
MuTu System guides, motivates, demonstrates & supports you via a step by step manual & 12 videos that show you how to:
Lose Your Baby Weight & Keep It Off!
Flatten Your Stomach, Tone Your Pelvic Floor, Alleviate Back Pain & Improve Your Posture
Get a Firmer Butt, More Shapely Thighs, a Flatter Tummy, Toned Arms & Shoulders… & A Waist That Goes IN!
Choose & Prepare Family-Friendly Food That Will Keep You Energised, Lean & Healthy for the Long Term! No Diets, No Separate Meals
The definitive combination of techniques that will get you the post-baby stomach & body you want.
5 minute daily tummy flattening techniques & 15 minute workouts for busy moms… that get RESULTS!

Tarah D.


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