1st Birthday

1st Birthday

I’m baccccccck!! Well Brooklyn is turning 1 on the 16th! Can you believe it. You have been on this journey with me and the big 1 is finally here. So like some frugal parenting, I vehemently stated that I was not having a birthday party, maybe just a cake. Lie, lie, lie!!! It’s so easy to say until the day arrives. She’s taking pictures and having a luncheon 🙂 However, it’s nothing big honestly. I will post pictures. How has everyone been? So since we last spoke, we have done away with the pacifier, no finger replaced, she sleeps for 12+ hours, no crying at bedtime and not quite walking yet, but I’m very patient with that, lol!! I’m so overjoyed that the day is coming, but when they say to take plenty of pictures and cherish the moments because they fly, that’s the truth! We had the most difficulty with sleeping, but I now believe it was because she had a pacifier. I remember being in her room half sleep trying to rock her back down, even though she’s not a rocked baby. Waking up in her room was normal, whew do glad we are over that hump!! Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to you guys. Looking forward to 1!


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