After breastfeeding weight gain

After breastfeeding weight gain

I am not sure just how many women have experienced what I am about to discuss, but here goes. As women we have a ton of issues that surround pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Guys, I know that we may drive you crazy with our emotional roller coaster, but we mean no harm! It is all so overwhelming sometimes. I had an issue with weight gain after I stopped breastfeeding. I dropped most of my baby weight within a month of giving birth and I was excited. Within the coming months, it shedding even faster. Well, after I stopped breastfeeding, I noticed that my clothes got tighter, and of course my breast got smaller. What was going on?? My breast were smaller then before I became pregnant. I now had a belly that made me look four months pregnant. Can you say depressing!! My husband was super supportive, but I was annoyed with the change. I am sure that a book somewhere describes this weight gain, but I did not care. I felt bamboozled! I did light exercise, but it was not helping at all! I started the Mutu System, but gave up 3 times. In February my daughter turned 1, that was my turning point. I decided to really get into my routine, restarted Mutu and began clean eating. I finally see progress!

Anyone else have this experience??


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