Crawling and Walking

Crawling and Walking

My daughter decided that she didn’t want to crawl until she was 10 months old. Of course that freaked me out. I read all the books and websites about how my child should develop and although they say it’s ok, she should have crawled a tad earlier. This was my OCD parenting thought. Walking was a whole different journey. She waited until she was 17 months to get up and walk clear across the room. Once again, I was in panic mode by her first birthday. I say all of this to say…..Relax!! The books and websites will make you lose your mind. Her doctor said that she would like her to crawl until she is almost 18 months. Each child develops differently, even siblings. My daughter could identify ear, eyes, mouth and nose, go to her potty,  had a mouth full of teeth and spoke 6 words clearly before choosing to walk. The best advice I can give, use the books if you like but remember that a ton of things are normal. It wasn’t that she COULDN’T crawl or walk, she didn’t want to. I was that research obsessed parent that knew everything that the books told me. Once again, RELAX. It’s already hard enough being a parent, just focus on loving and teaching them. The rest will fall into place as you learn.


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