Why I chose health and fitness…

Why I chose health and fitness…

So I honestly struggled with weight management after I gave birth. Not because I could not loose baby weight, but because of the constant cravings I had after I stopped breastfeeding. I also did not realize how difficult it was to find a female trainer who had a body to envy that  had a child, especially by cesarean. That was important because getting in shape after a c section can be difficult. People want to hire someone that knows the struggle. So, when I could not find one, I became one. I studied hard and trained hard. My next mission was to work with nutrition. In order to have an effective fitness program, you must have the food in order. Therefore, I became a weight management (nutrition) consultant. Like the fancy name, huh! Me too 🙂 So there you have it, I became the thing that I was looking for. I do not just do it, i live it. I love what I do, because it makes people happy and that makes me happy! Shout out to all the fitness and nutrition specialist, our goal is to make everyone happy, one jumping jack at a time!! 

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