Its a Movement! A Post Baby Body Movement!!

Its a Movement! A Post Baby Body Movement!!

Hey ladies, now we have all been down this postnatal road. We know how hard it is to lose our fabulous mummy tummy! Well, 993393_603658246351885_1091449158_nI’m here to help. I am not some genetic miracle and yes it is hard, dedicated work, but super possible! See I too, struggled with my tummy. Even more so after I stopped breastfeeding.  I tried every video and tummy lose trick out there. The truth is, it takes good old fashion fitness and nutrition.

Prior to my daughter, I had a decent shape and semi flat stomach. I was told by many people, that I would never have a flat tummy after a c section and abdominal separation. Ha!! I proved them wrong and I am here to help you all out, if you would like. As many of you know, I am a certified specialist in fitness nutrition and a weight management consultant that runs both on site and an online business. Honestly, it is cool, because I love what I do! Your fitness and meal plans are tailored exclusively you for you. Yes, only you! I chose to include online training in my services because, lets face it. Moms all around America would like to know this information. So go ahead ladies and even guys, pass this information along and use it if you need it. Looking forward to our journey together!

Online Clients 100.00 a month/4 sessions monthly


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