Brooklyn’s Birth Story



On Feb 13th at 1am, the contractions intensified and I knew it was almost time. I ran a bath and relaxed in there for about an hour, it helped a little. I rolled around on my birthing ball for about an hour as well, no avail. So at about 4am, I woke my husband and mom, to say let’s go! Upon arrival I was put in a triage room and checked. Still 1cm! But my contractions were monitored at 1-3 minutes apart. Thanks to the chief resident, they admitted me for prolonged monitoring. I was previously getting non stress tests twice every week because her breathing was choppy and she was said to be 7’12 oz when I was 37 weeks. Luckily they were wrong. I knew she would be long because I felt her feet in my ribs and her head was in the birth canal. Now I have what is called a Septate Cervix,which means that I have one uterus but two cervical openings. They said that this would not be a problem, how wrong were they! They continued to check me all night, but still no more dilating. By Tuesday afternoon, they kept me and talked to me about methods of forced dilating. By Wed my water broke and I was given a foley balloon catheter to help me go from 1-3 cm. hours later,it fell out and I was at 8cm by early afternoon, we all though that it would be very soon. Well no go and they kept harassing me about meds, but I was persistent about my feelings. NO DRUGS!!! Let me say that the contractions you feel before your water breaks are completely different then the ones afterwards. Especially with no drugs! I was climbing the bed, walking the halls, rolling on the birthing ball, and meditating. I was so tired, so many hours of contractions and coping! I was worried about her, but her heart rate never once went up as a sign of distress, such a strong baby! My husband, mom, and friend Jade, were complete troopers. I know it was hard watching me go through such pain and changes, but its what I wanted. At some ungodly time of the morning, I opted for the epidural early Thursday morning because I had a feeling that a C Section may be in order since i was unable to dilate any further. They inserted an internal monitor and pitocin to ensure that the contractions were as strong as they appeared and to increase them, they were very strong.

By 9pm I still had not dilated any further, so it was time for the Cesarean. The doctors, chief resident, and anesthesiologist came in to explain things, but by then I was so tired that I was just ready. At one point I cried because I did everything that I thought one shoud do to give birth. I was very proactive, but a natural or vaginal birth was not in the cards for me. So, they dosed me and off I went to surgery. It was super cold in that room. I was excited and a tadnervous because it was almost time to meet our little lady. With my husband by my side, I was ready. In no time flat I felt my stomach moving around and they were already inside. So here comes the reason why a vaginal birth was not in the cards, her head was stuck in the birth canal and her feet were lodged in my ribs. I literally felt them shaking her feet loose. Man, she was really in there. At 10pm, almst 96 hoyrs later, about 34 hours of active labor, my 7ib 2oz 21 inch princess, graced us with her presence! I knew she would be born at night, she was super active in the evening. My husband videod them pulling her out, so I got to see. Once I heard her cry, I cried. It was the most overwhelming feeling I have ever had. Then I smelled something burning, well it was my flesh. Instead of stitches, the cotarized the area. No stitches!! Afterwards, we were sent to the recovery room and I breastfed for the first time. Brooklyn was a pro, she latched correctly, immediately. After recovery time, we were sent to a postpartum room for 3 more days. I spent almost a week in the hospital, whew! I knew all the labor and delivery nurses, lol! Finally, Sunday afternoon arrived and both Brooklyn and I were cleared to go home!!!! Adios!


After thoughts:

-I do not regret wanting to have a natural birth. In many ways I feel like I did. The pain was amazing, but I appreciate having endured it, instead of assuming how bad it woud be. Do not scream through contractions, it won’t help, it actually makes them worse. Just breathe deeply.

-Listen to other women’s advice about birth and pregnancy, but also do your own research. Knowledge is power, what worked for them, may not work for you.

-Know your limits. If you plan for a natural vaginal birth, do not feel like a punk if you change your mind very early on. Mothers know the pain associated with childbirth. There will be no judgement. Do what you need to do for you and your child.

– Remember that contractions are only half the battle. You still have to push, if you are exhausted and havent had an epidural, you may want to consider it. It’s called labor for a reason.

-Please remember your vitamin D and folic and throughout your pregnancy and after, if you plan to breastfeed.

Until next time ~Tarah D~ Mommy Confidentials


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s Birth Story

  1. Many have said that once your baby arrives, one does not remember the pain endured. WRONG!!! At least that wasn’t the case for me and after ready your story, it was like reliving it all over….but in a good way.
    I’m proud of you that you were able to handle your delivery like a trooper and admire the fact that you even have the time to blog! Whew! Try not to overdo tho….surgery sometimes come with future complications. Take time enjoying your adorable bundle….

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