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Brooklyn’s Story

My daughter was born on February 16 @ 10:00pm. Her due date was Valentines Day. I made the grave mistake of having a birth plan!!!

I found out I was pregnant in mid June. I just knew, I had all the classic symptoms. I was so sick, it was almost scary. At one point I said “this is the hardest thing I have every done”. Than sickness was bad, but not the hardest thing. So, off to the doctor I went. My doctor doubted that I was pregnant because my husband and I had just miscarried on May 8th. Surprise. Surprise, I was pregnant. I had to take a series of HCG test, to ensure that it was a viable pregnancy. Soon after, we had or first appointment and then the 10 week ultrasound. It’s all so surreal now. The plan was to wait until 3months to announce it, but after the first ultrasound,may husband was way too excited to wait any longer. So we announced it! I had every textbook symptom and craving that said we shoud be having a boy. Round belly, carb and protein cravings, couldn’t stand sweets, no swelling or spreading. But at 16 and 19 weeks, we were told “it’s a girl”!!! I was in denial, only because of listening to others. Everywhere i went people were guessing that she was a boy. Nevertheless, I’m in love.

Fast forward to the second trimester, it was hell. Not as hellacious as the first trimester though. Constant nausea and vomitting, and round ligament pain. Know the phase “round ligament pain” you will hear it alot and they will say its normal and send you home, so get use to it. All day sickness! Headaches, weakness. Terrible. By the 20th week, things got better. My most enjoyable trimester was the third one. I loved feeling her moving and not being sick. I had terrible heartburn though. I ate potatoes almost everyday and breakfast became every meal, especially at 4am! With the third trimester, comes Braxton Hicks and real contractions. Braxton Hicks are simply practice contractions. I’m not sure who decided that that’s what they are, but nothing prepares you for actual contractions.

Third trimester went along without a hitch. I worked out every week at the gym from the 16th week up until the 38th. I was feeling great. I had prepared physicall, mentally, and emotionally for a natural drug free birth, so I thought. Remember that I told you that I wrote a birth plan?? Bad idea! I had been having contractions since week 38, but was only 1cm. I had aprenatal appt scheduled for Tuesday, but did not think it would be wise to wait a day, in case. My bags were already packed at week 34, so I was ready.

Stay tuned for the Birth Story……

~Tarah D~




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