Toddler Times…

Toddler Times…

Helllllllllllo!!!! Hoping that everyone is doing well! How are those beautiful babies?? Well mine is now 20 months. Does anyone else hate saying that? I just say a year and a half. So I have an independent little teddy bear on my hands. She is currently sweeping the floor which is cracking me up. She has to do everything herself and she’s pretty sure that she is doing it right! So my tip for the day is about picky eaters. Fortunately I do not have one, but my friends do and I gave them this suggestion. Make a smoothie, especially since it is flu season. The smoothie should consist of their favorite fruit with a pediatrician/toddler approved superfood powder and milk or water. I put banana, spinach, almond milk and a superfood mix in my daughters. Her immune system is so much stronger now. She use to have a constant runny nose, but ha!! No more!! So, that’s my tip, a great healthy smoothie that taste fruity!  Hopefully they love it and you will love buying less tissue and doctors visits.

P.S Make enough for you to drink too!


I am not a doctor, nor am I diagnosing. Always consult with a  doctor before trying anything new.