Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

I can’t believe that this day has come so fast! My baby girl turned 3 Valentines Day weekend! Let me first say that I only do birthday parties for ages 1, 5, 10, 13, 16 and 18, if she decides to invite me to her 21st, that will be beautiful just not funded by us! LOL! So for this year, I invited 2 other girls over and they did arts and crafts, made pizzas, she opened her gifts and had cupcakes. It was cheap, quick and the girls were happy! So easy and awesome! The other parents said that it was the best party they ever attended and weren’t exhausted! A super play date with tote bags that they made themselves. Feel free to try it yourself or share your own stories, 4 will be here before I know it!


After breastfeeding weight gain

After breastfeeding weight gain

I am not sure just how many women have experienced what I am about to discuss, but here goes. As women we have a ton of issues that surround pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Guys, I know that we may drive you crazy with our emotional roller coaster, but we mean no harm! It is all so overwhelming sometimes. I had an issue with weight gain after I stopped breastfeeding. I dropped most of my baby weight within a month of giving birth and I was excited. Within the coming months, it shedding even faster. Well, after I stopped breastfeeding, I noticed that my clothes got tighter, and of course my breast got smaller. What was going on?? My breast were smaller then before I became pregnant. I now had a belly that made me look four months pregnant. Can you say depressing!! My husband was super supportive, but I was annoyed with the change. I am sure that a book somewhere describes this weight gain, but I did not care. I felt bamboozled! I did light exercise, but it was not helping at all! I started the Mutu System, but gave up 3 times. In February my daughter turned 1, that was my turning point. I decided to really get into my routine, restarted Mutu and began clean eating. I finally see progress!

Anyone else have this experience??

Mutu Mama!!

Mutu Mama!!


Hi guys and gals! I’ve started the Mutu system this week and I’m so excited! It’s a post baby body makeover. I started my breathing this week and doing my measurements today (not excited about that part). I will keep you all updated and you can ask any questions about this journey as I make it. Wish me luck!!

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Mutu system explained:
This unique program is loved by MuTu Mamas all over the world as the solution that finally fitted in with their lives, not the other way around! Made for real women with crazy, real lives & many, many demands on their time & emotional energy. Women who want to feel confident, strong & gorgeous, as well as ‘being Mom’… & who’d like a flatter tummy!

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Tarah D.

Having it all??

Having it all??

You know the terms “superwoman, supermom, stay at mom, and career mom? ” what do those mean to you? Truth is they are all very hard roles because most moms whether at a job or stay at home, are superwoman. Can we really have it all? Being a parent can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it gets better. Let’s consider this, you have a career, husband or mate, a household and now a baby. (This can apply to the guys as well that are stay at home dads). How do you balance it all evenly? Trying to give everything your all can be really taxing on you both mentally and physically. I’m a stay at home mom of a 6 month old, a wife, a student, and starting a company. I tend to forget to eat, drink or even take care of myself some days. I’m doing everything for everyone and then I’m super tired by 10pm. I have a fantastic grasps now. How do you juggle your daily routine??



So, Brooklyn is turning 6 months next Thursday and she has two teeth which cut two weeks ago. Whew, I have heard stories, but she most definitely hates it! At first I used the mesh food bag, that worked for one day. Then, there was organic infant oils for teething which lasted two days. Then my saving grace so far (only during the day) CELERY!!!!!! Yes, I said celery, she loves and it is durable enough to get through the chewing. Nighttime is a different story, normally she slept until 5 am, but not now! So I used the Naturals baby orajel, it worked for last night but I ordered her teething tablets by Homeostasis Labs. Those should be here tomorrow and I will keep you posted 😉 Orajel isn’t bad, but I prefer something more homeopathic because she would need it quite often.

*Any teething remedies that worked for you??