We want our bodies back!!

We want our bodies back!!

We love being mothers, right? It is a gift from God. We would just like to feel sexy again or wear our favorite jeans again. We usually wait until after Christmas to start a workout routine. Every year people torture themselves at New Years by making weight loss resolutions. Lets try a fun resolution, like taking a vacation and enjoying more date nights. Make the decision to start weight loss or toning well beyond New Years so that you can pace yourself. Summer bodies are built-in the winter. Don’t wait until New years to make a resolution. Want or need a personal trainer, but it’s too costly? Check out our new services. Online and personalized training. Post baby bodies, summertime fine bodies and I just want to look and feel good bodies!

Its a Movement! A Post Baby Body Movement!!

Its a Movement! A Post Baby Body Movement!!

Hey ladies, now we have all been down this postnatal road. We know how hard it is to lose our fabulous mummy tummy! Well, 993393_603658246351885_1091449158_nI’m here to help. I am not some genetic miracle and yes it is hard, dedicated work, but super possible! See I too, struggled with my tummy. Even more so after I stopped breastfeeding.  I tried every video and tummy lose trick out there. The truth is, it takes good old fashion fitness and nutrition.

Prior to my daughter, I had a decent shape and semi flat stomach. I was told by many people, that I would never have a flat tummy after a c section and abdominal separation. Ha!! I proved them wrong and I am here to help you all out, if you would like. As many of you know, I am a certified specialist in fitness nutrition and a weight management consultant that runs both on site and an online business. Honestly, it is cool, because I love what I do! Your fitness and meal plans are tailored exclusively you for you. Yes, only you! I chose to include online training in my services because, lets face it. Moms all around America would like to know this information. So go ahead ladies and even guys, pass this information along and use it if you need it. Looking forward to our journey together!

Online Clients 100.00 a month/4 sessions monthly

Snot, sneezes and a ton of Boogie Wipes

Snot, sneezes and a ton of Boogie Wipes


BOOGIE WIPES!!! These perfect little moistened wipes specifically created to clean your little ones nose. They keep them from drying out and babies and children seem to love them. I know I do!

So my daughter would technically have been sick for 3 weeks. Doctors tend to tell you that they have to work through a cold and send you on your way after you’ve paid your co-pay. This may be the 3rd time you have visited in the last few weeks, but still, just a cold. They are quite diligent though with thorough checks. So. I did a little research, only to find out that it s not a cold. In fact, it is allergies and teething. The combination led to a mild ear infection, but a ton of mucus, sneezing and a rash. It resembled a cold so much that it seemed like an easy diagnoses, especially with no fever. Her doctor and I narrowed it down due to my extreme food allergies and I don’t think her eczema helped much. The mucus and stuffy nose were a concern to me because she wasn’t sleeping due to being uncomfortable. So, I took an oil burner and used water on top verses oil, added chamomile, eucalyptus and peppermint oil. She opened up and slept like a baby. She has an appointment with an allergy specialist soon!

Tip: please remember to inform your pediatrician of any allergies, asthma or eczema that you may have. That can help the child’s diagnoses. Don’t be afraid to use essential oils!!!!!



Aches and Pains

So….. My workout today was kind of intense. In addition to my normal cardio, resistance squats and lungs, and weight training, In addition I added a few new ones.

20Ib weighted squats and calf raises (50)
Barbell lifts (25)
Stair master (10 minutes on level 52)
The norm is 2-3 miles on a cross training machine, 100 resistance squats, 100 resistance lunges, fast fit (weight training machines that target the whole body), and three AB machines (2 reps, 25 times each)

Needless to say, I’m in pain, but it’s all worth it!! No pain, no gain!!!

Breakfast-I had oatmeal and orange juice with Belvita oat biscuits. Lunch-I had a Asian wings with a spinach salad and water. Snack- Protein shack with oatmeal. Haven’t had dinner yet, will keep you posted!
Since I’m breastfeeding, I never diet, but I am very mindful of what I eat. This is especially important because I’m a foodie! I love to eat so I find great meals and love when people give new ideas. So if you have them, let me know so I can share and enjoy!