We want our bodies back!!

We want our bodies back!!

We love being mothers, right? It is a gift from God. We would just like to feel sexy again or wear our favorite jeans again. We usually wait until after Christmas to start a workout routine. Every year people torture themselves at New Years by making weight loss resolutions. Lets try a fun resolution, like taking a vacation and enjoying more date nights. Make the decision to start weight loss or toning well beyond New Years so that you can pace yourself. Summer bodies are built-in the winter. Don’t wait until New years to make a resolution. Want or need a personal trainer, but it’s too costly? Check out our new services. Online and personalized training. Post baby bodies, summertime fine bodies and I just want to look and feel good bodies!


Recipe and workout suggestion


Some people have a hard time getting started or are unable to get to a gym, here are a few things to get you on your way.
My daily recipe:
Spinach Salad
1/2 apple, sliced (cut into desired size)
4 strawberries (cut into desired size)
1 grilled chicken breast
1 1/2 cup of spinach
Sliced red onion (amount is up to you)

Arms and legs:
100 arm circles forward and backward (work up to it if needed)
75 lunges
75 squats
50 bicep curls
50 calf raises
25 tricep extensions
Your desired form of cardio

Do what is within your ability. Repeat twice